Car Refrigerator

B38-48-58 38L

Camping Air Conditioner


Car Roof Box


Discover the New World
Car refrigerator makes life on the move easier with long-lasting freshness during short weekend trips and long adventures

    On long trips, outdoor adventures or camping trips, the car refrigerator can provide passengers with cool or warm drinks and food, which greatly enhances the comfort of driving and riding.


    A mouthful of ice, happy in the car ice maker rush ice, not picking the water source, ice cool quick step.


    An outdoor air conditioner that understands you, rugged and hard-wearing true outdoor, creating a fourth space for the outdoor experience.


    Roof luggage can be loaded resistance, worry-free travel, solve the problem of lack of space in the car travel, so that the car is more cross-country model.


    The roof rack is sporty and fashionable, bring your luggage and bicycles to enjoy freedom and move as you wish, bringing you an extraordinary experience.


    Car roof tent, mobile home, unfolded into a large space in seconds, so that you can easily sleep comfortably while camping.